This is how the author of Dream woman, introduces herself and the birth
of her book, which is the cornerstone of the course:

I am a personal development coach and family constellation therapist.

During the course of my work I have met a lot of people and got to know their stories.

Most of the women I met had relationship issues.


They believed that they had messed up from the very start. When I asked them why, these

were the typical answers I got:


“I have always fancied him. When we finally started going out I let him have his way because

I wanted to keep him. We went to the places he chose and did whatever he wanted to do. He got used to it after a while.”


“I wanted to impress him, but the kinder and more attentive I was, the more he disregarded me. Then I thought it was too late

to change as we already had two children.”


“I tolerated his rude words and inconsiderate behaviour. I always found excuses for him, like his financial / work / family / etc. problems. 3 years have passed and I feel like an absolute nobody when I am with him.”


So this question started bothering me:Why do so many kind, pleasant and pretty women live like this in their relationships,

while other, perfectly average women are worshipped by men?  

What do these women do differently? So what is the secret?

I realized that these questions would be best answered by men because they are the authorities in the field.


So I asked men to tell me what was so special about the women they fell for, the women they pampered.

I heard various stories but I discovered some patterns they all had in common regarding female behaviour traits.


According to what these men said, there is a certain imaginary script that describes their reactions to certain actions.

Based on this information I explored the following:


- What factors influence the way men treat women?

- Why do men adore certain women and ignore others?

- What inspires him to be generous and happily buy whatever she wants?

- How can he be convinced to make a long-term commitment?


This work is based on the guidelines set up based on the information I received.

I offer practical advice for women to be in control of their relationships and gain appreciation and love.

Many of my clients are happily married today and I have even had the honour of “assisting” at the start of relationships

which led to marriage and parenthood.

Anita Gardener